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In person Dinner School lessons are still on hiatus due to Covid-19. Please feel free to contact Chef Jay for personalized recipes, meal guidance, or with any cooking questions you may have. Stored credit can be redeemed in the future.

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What can Dinner School teach you?

Services available in the Greater Boston area


1 hour in home session to determine your culinary journey

What speaks to you? Through an hour of deep discussion we delve into your food past, present, and future. Favorite foods, allergies, likes and dislikes; we touch on all of it. Comfort level with tools and techniques and the contents of your cupboards and refrigerator will also be noted to aid in the customization of cooking lessons.


1+ hour in home lesson, to learn grocery shopping, meal planning, knife skills, or the food preparation of your choice

Have a recipe? Learn to master it. Have an idea? Customized recipes emailed to you before your lesson. Need direction? Learn to navigate your local farmers market and grocery store like a pro. 
Personalized lessons are designed around your learning style, skill level, and preferences.


Recipe for Success, 3-5 recipes at a time

Already have cooking comfort, but need help customizing recipes to your tastes? Especially for those who want or need to make dietary changes, eliminate allergens, transition to diets including gluten free, vegetarian or vegan, or low acid, etc. This service is helpful for longterm clients who have outgrown the need or desire for detailed, one-on-one lessons.

Other services available upon request. Reach out with questions.



Jay Diengott

     A trained pastry chef and culinary professional for over 15 years, Jay has always been driven to feed others. She left the restaurant industry to find greater satisfaction in teaching others to create healthy offerings. 

     Chef Jay has extensive experience in developing recipes for exclusionary, allergy friendly and alternative diets. Fun and friendly, Jay works hard to put even the most uncomfortable cooks at ease.

     Whether you want to learn to bake like they do on the Great British Bake off, prepare healthier take out offerings at home, or practice your knife skills, Jay Diengott of Dinner School is the chef instructor for you!

For more information, or to book a session, get in touch today.




At less than $1.50 a meal, It's great knowing that I can spend less than one hour a week prepping all the healthy, filling, and delicious lunches I need.

I wanted an easier+healthier+cheaper lunch system and Jay made custom recipes that meet all my specs. She developed a custom flavor + texture profile for me (she knows all the right questions to ask!) and then she gave me a myriad of meal ideas created especially for me. I picked a few I was especially interested in and she tailored them to my needs and desires. She even wrote the recipes in a non-standard format because following normal recipes out of a cookbook is like listening to nails on a chalkboard to me.

She taught me everything, from knife skills, stirring techniques, and cooking techniques so the food comes out great every time. I have so many questions, and she answered all of them.

It's comforting knowing that the food I'm eating is top-notch food designed for me.

I don't know why anyone would use a meal service like Blue Apron or Soylent when Dinner School makes it so easy! Dinner School will pay for itself in a matter of days, and after a little experimentation, you'll have food that's perfect for you every day of the week.


Rates based upon your location. Drop a line to book your consultation now!

Gift Certificates are now available, and Dinner School makes a great gift!

Daytime and evening slots now open for flexible scheduling, work from home and make your own gourmet lunches.

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